Feb 3, 2012

those hazel eyes

This is Little-miss .E.R. The baby, the cutie, the copycat,  the determined  'no-nonsense kid, my pal.
She has such a unique personality. She is the actor, the one who loves to get all attention, a bit of a goof-ball, a chatter-box and the typical girly-girl. She is adorable and she knows it! She is going to be three a week from today. We are all so shocked to think of our little "baby girl" three years old and all grown up! She already thinks she is a "big girl", why just the morning I lifted her sleepy, little body out from her cot expecting it to be the usual routine were I carry her out in my arms, her blonde head resting on my shoulder but no, instead she insisted on walking, I wasn't even aloud to hold her hand! Oh, please don't grow up sweet pea! Stay little forever. Either way, we love her to pieces. She is our baby.


  1. Anonymous4.2.12

    i know how that is :) you just want them to stay little & innocent forever--completely ignorant of the hurts this world can inflict. yet completely aware of the simple joys it can contain as well. :)

  2. Oh I love all the white! Great photos:)

  3. elissa rose is definitely adorable! i sure hope she doesn't grow up too soon : )

  4. Aw, so adorable! The first picture is just too cute!


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