Feb 21, 2012

Summer's bliss

The air is warm and the breeze is dancing in the trees, the endless chirping of cicada at night drowns out the silence. The pages of my book rustle as the breeze from my fan blows them into my face. My fringe clings to my forehead and my swimmers cling to my body as I get sprayed with water guns. The delighted screams of my siblings fills my ears as we play "water fights" with one another! This is truly summer's bliss.

I have so many precious memories of summer, one of which is going on cicada hunts with my father when I was little. We would venture outside with a plastic container and a butterfly net in hand and we would search in the inky, black darkness for the green, mischievous insects! Another special memory I have is spending lazy days on the beach collecting shells, swimming in the ocean, jumping the waves and feeling the hot, white sand slipping in between my toes!

The hours of happiness that summer brings is amazing! My stories of past (and future) summers I one day hope to tell my children of. I will evoke the memories that will make me smile, laugh, and possibly even cry.

The present summer is one I am going to remember for a long time for three reasons. First is, we have just bought a house and we will be moving in the autumn, second is, the truly magical water fights my brothers and sisters and I are playing at, and the third reason is, my relationship with God, I feel, is slowly becoming deeper and closer then before!

Cherish each summer you have, even if much of it is spent sweltering under the hot sun or living in a house without air conditioning, believe me, these are the times you are going to remember most. Make them memorable.


  1. Oh wow. I &hearts, this post, Bri! Summer is my favourite season and I'm going to cherish every one that God gives me : )
    Holly xo

  2. I love this! Your words and photos are beautiful.
    To answer your question, no, I'm not doing the dcoence book you mentioned -- I am doing Apologia though. I'm doing his (Wile's) 12th grade biology book. (I'm in 10th grade, but love biology/the sciences so I'm doing more advanced courses. :)

  3. Beautiful Katie!

  4. beautiful Katie! I love the first and last picture so much- I miss summer now.

  5. Beautiful words and photos. I really like the raspberry shot!

    Found your blog through the comments on Fernweh.

  6. Reading this post feels ironic right now as it is currently snowing in America's Midwest (where I am).

    Yeah, I don't live in Australia. I think the "au" is because you are in Australia.\


    P.S. I love the first photo. Beautiful!


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