Feb 24, 2012

My Mountains.

Mountain views have a way of getting to you. They seem to entrance you with all their unpredictable dips and curves. I get the feeling I can almost fly when I look down into the valley! That is what I am going to miss most about this place-the mountains.

             "You've got to treat the mountains like a high-spirited horse; never take it for granted."
                                                                                                                   -The man from Snowy River
The view of these mountains is something you are not going to find anywhere else. They are so beautifully unique in many ways!

Lots of people would look upon these mountains and just see a bunch of blue-green hills-no beauty at all! However, when I look upon them, I see how the mountains on the horizon look a little hazy and blue in the hot February sun, I see how the hills dip, curve and rise up into spectacular mounds of rock and red dirt, dotted with gum trees! On rainy days, you can not see the mountains at all for they are often covered in a blanket of mist and fog, then all of the sudden, a gust of wind pulls back the blanket and the mountains turn grey and look gloomy and sullen in the rain.

When we first moved here, a mountain view was something very new and different to me. Each time we would drive into town and pass these mountains I would drink in every detail and enjoy it. I love these mountains. I am going to miss them a lot.

Is there something special to you where you live? Do share!



  1. ohhh......i'm going to miss them!

  2. Beautiful pictures Katie! So very peaceful (:
    Here's the answer to your question about double-exposure (may vary with different editing programs) :
    Open the two pictures you want to overlap in your editing program. on the first picture, press "add new layer". on the second picture, copy the image and paste it to the first picture. go to your layer's options and change the opacity until you have the desired overlap.
    hope this helps! if you have any more questions just email me (:

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  4. This is breathtaking! There is not anything like that where I live, but I still love where I live. :)

  5. Such beautiful pictures and words! I'm new to your blog (I actually found it through Carlotta's formspring), and I really love it.
    The mountains are absolutely breathtaking; you live in such a gorgeous place! I'm Canadian, but my family and I happen to be missionaries to the Netherlands (which literally means "low lands")...basically one of the flattest places on earth, so I enjoy mountains more than ever when I do see them!

    Well, excuse me while I continue to read through all your posts. ;)

    Alisah L. K.


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