Feb 29, 2012

Hodge-Podge // february

Fresh, speckled pears. A treat around here.
A full, in tact carton of eggs. A rare sight-we use to many for cooking!
Nutties, a new warm and inviting morning tea.

 End-of-summer sunsets. The worlds most precious hour.
This photo tells it's own story, don't you agree?
Why does time have to fly so quickly? Summer has almost departed leaving a wake of memories in her leave.

The hectic business of moving seems to be swallowing up all enjoyment and fun. It is hard for all of us to feel this way,  that there is no time for life's pleasures.

The idea of owning our own place has not exactly sunk in yet. The thought of being able to paint a wall without having to ask an owner does feel as exciting as I thought it would. Life feels too busy and out-of-place to get excited...yet.

However, I am trying to celebrate the small things that make me happy, like finding a new passion for food photography! After borrowing a friend's book called 'Plate to Pixel' by Helene Dujardin, I feel as if a whole new window of opportunity has been opened. The ideas, creativity, and spontaneity are endless!

I have found a new love for baking. I never really have enjoyed the preparation of food before, I would much rather eat the finished product, thank you. But after yesterday once I donned my old apron (which by the way has not once speak of food on it-there is how much I love cooking!) I felt a sense of contentment, I actually enjoyed myself! The feeling of the flour slipping through my fingers and the spicy smell that wafted from the cinnamon jar gave me delight! "How surprising!" Thought I, "I have never enjoyed this before." I actually laughed out loud. ☺

So here is to Summer's small pleasures, may we make the most of them and enjoy all the little things despite the situation!

What are you embracing this season?



  1. Hey Katie! I have a tag for you at my blog.:))


  2. I just love food photography and baking! So glad that you've discovered you like it too. :) Something I'm embracing is change. So many things are changing, so trusting God is really important right now. :)

  3. oh, she's sooooooooo cute : )


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