Feb 7, 2012

We went walking.

The afternoon air was warm and smelt strongly of freshly cut grass. The day was slowly dying as the sun mellowed into a bright, golden ball and the clouds faded from a deep, crimson red to a soft purple.

We went walking, my little sister and I. She, wearing her pink gumboots and I, barefooted. We held hands while we walked down the hill, she, humming tunefully, I, staring up at the clouds. Neither of us a word, we just enjoyed the silence and the fading sunset.

We sat for a while is this attitude each of us engrossed in our own thoughts, our imaginations racing while watching the sun playing in the shadows and feelings it's warmth on our faces. Soon, our mother voice broke the silence calling for us to come inside. We walked hand-in-hand up the sloping hill, back to our home. I shall never forget that precious half-hour I spent with Little-miss E.R, it was like magic.

Katie, xo.


  1. oh, i was thinking i didn't recognise your surroundsing! i haven't seen you new house : )
    beautiful photos btw, such a precious afternoon walk be the looks of it!

    1. Um, yes holly, you have seen this house. We haven't moved yet. That is just down the back.

    2. Really? Mum said you had moved.

  2. Lovely Photos! Miss E.R looks beautiful in her dress and gumboots! I love to wear gumboots, but going barefooted is just as much fun!!

  3. She is adorable. :)


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