Jan 5, 2012



             To savor means to forget about today's worries and focus on now, to not think about
              tomorrow's happenings but to fix my eyes on the present. To savor means to sit and listen to
              the birds singing and to dream whilst drinking a hot cup of honey and lemon tea. To savor is
              to laugh and enjoy what you have got and not what you could obtain.

      It can be very hard to savor the small and often times, unimportant things in life, it is 
      challenge for all people because human nature insists that we must only think of
      our self in all matters. For example, when my mother will sometimes ask me to take
      care of Little-miss E.R while she prepares lunch or is having her own time out on
      the phone chatting to friend, my answer will often be "Do I have to do it now?", or "Can
      it wait?"Little do I understand how selfish that is. I am depriving my little sister and
      myself of fun and enjoyment and replacing it with me and my own concerns. I
      was asked the same question by my mother just this morning. I consented however
      and sat down to play "Barbies" with Little-miss E.R. I enjoyed myself. I savored the
      moment because I knew, that there would come a time when Little-miss.E.R will
      not be so little any longer. Savor the moments that are unlikely to occur again, you will regret it if   you don't.

  Note: I know that nectarines have absolutely nothing to do with this post but I love the rich, cherry, mustard colour of these fruits!
Thoughts on the new design? I love it mainly because of the soft texture of the watercolour paints. It is very me but what are your thoughts on it?


  1. Hi Briony!

    Sorry, I haven't commented here for ages! I'm in love with your new blog design. :) I love watercolour, and like you said, it's so you! I just got a new blog design too.

    Great photography, as always! ;)

    ~Sara (it's a new nick name...long story)

  2. @Bri: Thanks for your kind words Bri!

  3. The photos of the pomegranates? Love, love, love them!

  4. Great message, Katie! :) An important lesson that we all must learn. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Your new design looks pretty cool! I like it. :)

    God Bless!

  5. Those photos are amazing! :)



  6. Thanks so much girls!

  7. Great post Bri - loving the last photo and the new design is gorgeous. :)


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