Jan 21, 2012

Saturday morning breakfast

        The morning light floods through my open window, I am awakend by lorakets screeching
         in the trees. I roll over sleepily and bury my head deep into my pillow trying to catch a few
         more winks of sleep. I hear the excited shouts of my two younger brothers who are playing the
         nintendo wii, they laugh and giggle as their characters try to climb a rickety lego ladder
         or jump on to a white lego horse. I smile through my yawn as I lumber out of my
          bedroom, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. The smell of cinnamon and saltanas
          greet me and the sight of freshly baked apple and cinnamon scrolls sends a feeling of
         contentment in to my heart. Happy Saturday!


                                                                               xo, Katie


  1. Pretty photos Bri! (my cinnamon scrolls look nice :)) My favourite is the sugar one and the milk pouring one! love, love, love.
    love your favourite sister, ;)

  2. Looks like a nice breakfast, Katie. :) Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite mornings treats EVER! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. beautiful photos Katie! they look positively yummy(:


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