Jan 20, 2012


         [shirt: jayjays / pants: unknown / shoes : jayjays / necklace : D.F.A / earrings: michael hill]

It is these little thing that make my heart sing! Pails full of sea shells, $3 polka-dot shoes, (don't you
just love it when you score a bargin?) aqua-blue bowls full of golden wheatmeal cookies, playful
new outfits, sharing a smile or two with your little sister and perfect baby rosebuds. These are little
joys which I am not likely to soon forget. They make me smile, they make me laugh, they help
me to feel just that bit more stylish, they make my tummy rumble and they bring back precious
memories of days lounging lazily by the sea side whilst listening to the crashing of waves upon
the shore.

Right now, I am typing away on my parents' comfortable bed while listening the the steady fall
of the rain upon our roof. The smell of the drops on the hot cement is flooding through the open
window. A fresh breeze is blowing upon my face. I like summer storms.

What are some of your "lovelies" this week?

love always.

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