Jan 17, 2012

Lost in their pages!

Life has its up and downs, its sour feelings and days of pure joy. This week thus far, all I have done is read apart from doing chores, drinking and eating. I have read two books in the space of two days. Each book has had me captured and completely and utterly engrossed, so much in fact, that I have hardly left the comfort of their pages.

    'Mara daughter of the Nile' and 'The Bronze Bow' are the two books that have squeezed out every
    ounce of attention in me and have had me lost in their many pages! 'Mara daughter of the Nile'
    is the book I finished but one hour ago. The excitement, adventure, the intrigue and romance
         of books such as these leaves me craving for more! I love books like this set in the times of
        Ancient  Egypt or Ancient Rome, I read them all to quickly and then suddenly...the book ends.

I felt as if I was another character in both books. I felt as if Mara were my dearest friend and
sometimes, I felt as if I were Mara! I stood beside Sheftu as proud and as careful as himself as
he faced trail before the Pharaoh. I felt Daniel's anger towards the Romans and his burning joy
as he heard Jesus of Nazareth speak. I felt Mara's fear and shock as her love, Sheftu
stood over her with a knife in his hand. I coward in the corner with Leah as her brother
Daniel knelt beside their dying grandmother, and I felt Sheftu's fear of the dark as he
blundered around in King Thutmose the 1st tomb unable to get Mara, his lotus-eyed-one
out of his head. I was a part of the character's lives. That is how I read my books. Each one is a
new and exhilarating adventure!

Now, both those stories have come to an end and I feel a little lost. I relied upon them for two
days to sustain me and keep me craving for more! I wish they did not end so soon.

If you have any ideas of books that are set in ancient times, are full of adventure and intrigue and
have the odd romance here and there then please leave a comment below. I would love
something new to read!


  1. I read both those books for school! I liked both of them. :)


  2. Cool post! And I LOVE that photo!


  3. I love the Bronze Bow!
    I can't think of any books in the catagories you are thinking about. :)


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