Jan 12, 2012


Many random things have been inspiring me lately. I am drawn towards white, cream, ivory and all colours that are natural and soft. I am drawn towards simplicity and quietness. I am drawn towards baking, chocolate and knitted anklets. I am drawn towards white teapots and potato-sack cushions. I have especially been drawn towards sea shells and old tea-stained paper and letters tied up with lace. These things have been inspiring me. Why? I do not possibly know.

    We all need a little touch of inspiration some times. Without inspiration, I could not blog, nor
     write, nor do any of the things that I love most! To be inspired means to see or hear of an action
    or of an aspiration that some one else has ful-filled and to want to do that yourself. Inspiration comes without warning. There is no big, black text that suddenly pops up in your brain that reads,
                                                      'WARNING!' Inspiration!' No, inspiration just...comes.
   I am inspired by other bloggers, people, photographers, food, children, vintage, nature, paintings,
   lace, letters, rainy days, life, YOU. Every post I create or every photograph I snap first comes
   out of inspiration. I love to be inspired!

    Today, I filled a basket full of all the little things that have been inspiring me. I put in my three
     glass jars of sea shells, my tea-staind letters wrapped up in lace that I have recieved from many
     close friends, my short candle stick, a few of my favourite flowers, ivory tumble weeds, books,
    drawings and photographs. I made myself a little "Inspiration basket" so that I may continue to be
    inspired and add any new inspirations to it. "Inspiration" and "Savor" are my two new words for
    2012. I need to savor inspiration and be inspired to savor.


    What inspires you?


  1. These photos inspired ME. Sea shells are so pretty. I have a conch shell that a friend of mine's brother brought me back from their beach trip over the summer last year and my dad has a large piece of coral he found when we used to live in florida (over fourteen years ago). Both that and the conch shell sit on my blue desk. :) I might post a picture on my blog sometime!

    (By the way, I tagged in a post today: http://imaginationinprocess.blogspot.com/2012/01/eleven-things-four-times.html :))

  2. This was absolutely amazing. Seriously. This inspires me!!! Your photography is absolutely gorgeous and your writing is.......wow. Amazing. :))


  3. Dearest Beautiful

    Woah! Did I spy some of my letters in that intriguing collection of inspiring objects?? Terrific post Bri, I love your new header, you are sooo creative!!
    Missing you heaps, as always,


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