Jan 31, 2012


 Well, holidays are over. The long, lazy days of summer break have come to an end. I'll miss those days of 'doing nothing', when I could happily relax without the pressure of school weigh on my shoulders, when I could write, photograph and just live simply and enjoy my family. However, it has come to the time when I must push my mind into to gear once more and enjoy my nineth year of homeschooling.

I have been writing a lot lately. My diary is already far to full and my journal is bursting at the seams! I suppose I find writing inspirational and something that feeds my soul. I can express myself freely without the use of my mouth and I can interpret what I am feeling inside, which is not always easy achieve using your tongue. Life becomes something that needs to be recorded and so I write.

My long over-due Christmas present (a photography book) arrived late last week. 'Expressive Photography by the Shutter Sisters' is teaching me to be more creative in the way I look at things through my lens. I no longer feel bound by the fact that our *photography trend* pushes us to just photograph the *normal* way and not to try something new. No. I can now express myself freely and try something new each time I pick up my camera. Photography is becoming a passion and it is a very rewarding experience.

[ top: TEMT / scarf: Gift / pants: second-hand / shoes: JayJays ]

It has been raining far to much here. Looking outside my window, all the ground is decked with wet leaves and mud-filled puddles linger in every ditch, hole and crack. Everywhere I step a squelching sound sings out from underneath my foot and red, oozing mud sticks to my ankles and shoes. Our umbrella does not do us justice either. When ever a monstrous gust of wind belts us in the face the umbrella with snap and die. Once we reach the car we are dripping cold, wet puddles all over the car seats and the red mud sticks to the floor. After this experience what else is there to do other then stare up at the sky shaking your head and scowling?

So lately my life is all school work, inspiration and the usual hodge-podge that make up the words 'Beautiful Life'. This does not mean that life is perfect but simply that life is upside-down, full of happy treasures and that we love it despite all it's imperfections!

-Katie, xo


  1. oh my goodness, briony...the blog design you have currently is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. it totally suits your blog and you and i wouldn't change it if i were you! (which i'm not, but you get the point!)
    such gorgeous photos...and you look so pretty in them : )
    we just started back at school and it's good to get back into the swing of things, glad to hear you're going well, can't wait to see you on thursday for our first toowoomba-co-op!!
    holly xo

  2. Sounds like your life is about to get busier than usual. :)

    Love your outfit, btw! The scarf and the top look very pretty. ;)

  3. 1.) Your pictures are beautiful.

    2.) You're beautiful! :) I love your outfit.

    3.) It's been raining crazy here too. I can't wait for summer days again.


    1. Thank you so much Leanna! You just made my day. :)

  4. gorgeous pictures Katie! I love the first two, and the reflection of your hand as well. (:

  5. the first thing i said when i saw this post: "hey, a teapot! i love teapots." seriously. your blog is kind of lovely. kind of meaning oh-so legitly lovely. {<< i'm so weird.} anywho, i love your photos. the first and second have kind of been what i'm doing lately. well, the first is, the second is what i *should* be doing lately. anywho, i'm rambling on. great post! :))
    -jocee <3

  6. Wow - Bri I so enjoyed this post!! Especially the photography! So beautiful. :)

    Hey, is it possible to trade books at co-op next week?? I could give you my food photography book and you could lend me your new creative photography one. Deal?? :P Email me and let me know. :)

  7. Thank you Briony! I love your blog too :) I saw the teapot & I knew I had to follow you! :D thank you again for following me :)

  8. I love this hodge podge! It is indeed beautiful! I love that you captured everyday things!


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