Jan 2, 2012

Hello, new year

 The new year is hard to post about. To string words together in such a way that creates something that expresses my anticipation for what is to come in 2012 and to fill each blank space with my pondering about what I had accomplished in 2011 is tricky.

It is refreshing to see the numbers 2-0-1-2 printed on our new calendar. 2-0-1-1 was stale, like old bread. It feels like a fresh, sweet breeze has blown away all the mistakes I made last year and replaced it with a confident soul and a new wonder of what is to come.

"Becoming more confident.' Is my answer if anyone asks what was my highest achievement last year.
In the year 2010, I was not a confident person. On the outside I appeared so, but on the inside I felt ugly, insignificant and small. There would be nights when I would cry myself to sleep over my appearance, which I thought was ugly. In the 2011 however, I grew up I. I began to realise over time that I was not the ugly orgor I had made myself out to be. I was unique and beautiful. Building self confidence was an amazing step forward for me. I felt different.
That is my highest achievement for last year.

I am all excitement and anticipation for 2012! It is like walking on a straight path and then suddenly there is a curve, "what is around that corner?" is the question I am asking myself.

May God continue to bless you in 2012, even if the blessings are in disguise!


  1. happy new year to you briony!
    that's so good that you have self confidence...definitely something worth achieving : )
    may god continue to bless you and your family in this new year of 2012! wow, time goes fast!

  2. p.s. i just saw the new photo of you on your 'about' page and can i just say it's one of the most flattering and beautiful photos i've ever seen of you! who took the photo?

  3. Thank you Holly, for both your comments! The new photo in my about me page is one I took myself. I am studying portraits.

  4. Really? You took it yourself? That's great...studying portaits is good. I should do that too : )


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