Jan 4, 2012

cinnamon and banana smoothie

There is something about smoothies that make them very hard to decline. The froth on top
sprinkled with nutmeg or cinnamon, the coca taste that stays on your tounge. The sweet,
soft texture and the how on hot summer days they are rarely unwelcome.

Banana and cinnimon make an excellent couple! The pair go very well together when introduced to blueberry muffins and fruit platters for a Sunday morning brunch. The soft texture and the
froth on top wins me over each time! I sit in the sunshine and enjoy.

      Smoothies never taste half as good bought at a coffee shop, you have to mix them up yourself
      to capture the homemade essence that a chef at a cafe' could never capture. A few pieces of
      fruit (to get the best results use banana) full cream milk, yogurt and a little sprinkle of sugar and
           spice and all things that are nice and 'Voila' you have the perfect mid-afternoon drink.

     These smoothies are simple and srumpitous, and this is how you make them.

      Cinnamon and Banana Smoothie.


   3 over-ripe bananas mashed

   1/4 cup of plain (or sweetend) yogurt

   Teaspoon of ground cinnamon
   Teaspoon of sugar (or a tablespoon or two of honey)

   Three cups of full cream milk

   Mint leaves
   Blend all ingredients together in a blender (except mint leaves)
   until fully combined. Pour into a tall glass. Sprinkle with
   cinnamon and top with mint leaves (optional). Enjoy!




  1. this smoothie looks like a treat! i'm off to make one...(well i wish i could but i probably won't be able to, but it just shows how good they look!)
    you know, we need to get together sometime, don't we? it's been too long... your new design is pretty!
    Holly xo

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    you can delete this comment if you want as it has nothing to do with the post and i've already commented.
    i was just wondering...

  3. Sorry holly! I have decided to not have a button any more because now, people are using links instead of buttons and I feel it is a waste of time if no one is going to use it. Maybe for your sponsors page you could use the photo of me in my sidebar and just add a gadget and place my link behind it?

    Hope that works!

  4. this looks delish! and your blog looks adorable :)

  5. I would never think to put cinnamon and banana together in a smoothie. Though I guess if it goes well (reeeally well) in banana bread it must taste good in a smoothie! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  6. Thank you friends!


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