Dec 23, 2011

Twas' the night before, the night before Christmas

According to my younger brothers and sisters it is Christmas eve, eve. Life is becoming just that bit more exciting as the best day of the year draws near! Everyday this week, our house has been filled with the delicious smells of melting chocolate, roasting pistachio nuts, warm gingerbread men and macadamia and ginger shortbread. Of course lollies and every sugar confection you can possibly dream of are scattered across our bench top!

Last night, I went late-night-shopping with my Mum. As I have said before the Christmas atmosphere really comes to life at night in the city. Fairy lights sparkle on each tree lining the road, the town hall clock is wreathed in coloured lights and it's bells sing out every hour, manikins in shop windows are wearing over sized Santa suits and Santa hats and all the furniture shops have a Christmas dinner on their newest table in their shop windows. But what really tops it off is the carols playing in the car and the exciting feeling follows!

Each night little-miss-E.R asks Mum to sing her 'Santa Claus is coming to town' or ' Away in a Manger' before bed. Lately that request is becoming more persistent. Even though this is her third Christmas it is the first one in which she is beginning to grasp the Christmas spirit and the true meaning of the celebration. I love watching her hazel eyes light up whenever the word "Santa" or "Christmas" passes our lips! She is never going to want it to end!

Neither am I.


  1. beautiful post, bri! it's so exciting! here, we've been saying it's 'christmas adam'!!
    oh dear.
    any way, we've been doing lots of christmas cooking this week too, and it's lots of fun. and india and i went caroling in grand central the other day, so that was fun. (and i have already told you that. oh well)
    cool, late night shopping at christmas time is the best! i'm sure you had heaps of fun.
    merry christmas!!
    Holly xo

  2. Pretty pictures. On my side of the world it is already the 24th of December. The Christmas spirit is so alive/ The house smells of cinnamon and baked goodies. Have a very Merry Christmas!


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