Dec 5, 2011

seasonal musings.

It is December at last! The month when children of all ages and counting down the days until Christmas on their fingers and forever asking 'Mummy' or 'Daddy' how many days are left until Santa Claus's red, round body wiggles down the chimney.

Carols by candle light, tinsel, brightly wrapped presents and family coming to stay is what sparks Christmas delight into people of all ages! December is the month of JOY!

Last night truly did spark some Christmas joy. Carols by Candle light is always good family fun. Singing all the traditional carols, sharing a laugh with a loved one and best of all, swinging our candles high up in the air keeping time with the music!

Then...the fireworks! One second it was quiet, the next...CRACK!! I jump three centimetres off the ground. The deafening cracks and booms of the fireworks have the little ones covering their ears. Dazzling sparks of colourful fire strewn across the inky black sky!



Short notice Christmas parties always push the 'stress' button. Finding an outfit to wear that is not only perfect for the occasion but comfortable as well can be a little tricky!

I had a few problems the last Christmas party we attended two weeks ago. However, I finely came up with this:  

    Something fresh, simple and me.


December is the season for caroling, laughing, shopping and having fun with family and loved ones. But the most important thing about December is remembering what happened 2000 years ago in a loud, smelly stable. The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Just think for a moment why we celebrate this event? What would have happened to this world today if Jesus had never been born? For many that answer remains to be seen. Help someone open their eyes to Jesus for the first time this December. Believe it or not, your eyes will open too. Let Jesus be in your thoughts this season!

Merry Christmas!



  1. i love that christmas ornament in the last photo - so cute! ahh, i love christmas. "What would have happened to this world today if Jesus had never been born?" << oh, i'm so thankful to be one of those that knows that he DID come! nice post :)

  2. Lovely, absolutely gorgeous. You have a way with words! Also.. how did you make the picture of your outfit with the text on the side?


  3. you went to the carols by candelight? so did we! i probably wouldn't have been able to see you guys any way, because there was so many people. over 10,000 i think they said! yeah, and we had those candles in the cups. except sophie was holding one, and burnt a great big whole in it! i loved all the carols, and the fire works was truly amazing! really pretty and so big : )
    ♥ your photos, bri!

  4. Merry Christmas Bri!! Lovely photos, you look B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L in that dress!! I love your posts, keep it up with them, they are so encouraging and interesting!!

  5. Merry Christmas Bri!

    You look so pwetty in the photo you took of your outfit. :)

  6. You went to the carols Holly? I wish we saw you!

    Beautiful post Briony!

  7. @Natalia: I used

    @Chloe: Thanks so much girl! Love ya!

    @Eebee: Thx! I think you are "pwetty" too. ;)

    @Holly: Oh dear! Poor sophie. Thx for your encouragement. :)

    @MaryRachel: You go girl! I love xmas too.


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