Dec 19, 2011

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Five more sleeps until Christmas day. Four more sleeps until the sleepless night. 120 more hours until I can jump out of bed, rush into the living room, rip open my presents and just enjoy the Christmas feeling in general. Five days until Christmas feels like five years!

Each night when I am curled up in bed, writing in my diary and tapping my teeth with my pen, my mind wonders and touches down on many of the basic things that occurred during my day. Last night I was flipping through my diary with my mind in another world when an old entry caught my eye. It reads:


Dear Diary,
Our Christmas tree is up and looking so beautiful as it's lights dance in our faces! I love the feeling of excitement and cheerfulness as the Christmas holidays draw near. That feeling never fails to excite me!

Christmas is when each person on the earth gets a queer feeling in the pit of their belly and it brings special sort of twinkle to their eyes! My Christmas wish this year is that all the people in the world would be excited about the right thing. Jesus Christ our lord. ☻ Christ-mas.

Little-miss-E.R wakes up each afternoon asking "Is it Christmas yet?!"  When Mum replies "Not today" Little-miss-E.R's bottom lip sticks out a mile and her eyes become rounder and larger and then she asks "Please make Christmas come now!?"  It is seriously torture isn't it?

Christmas always comes with either hot pudding drowned in fudge sauce or cake with a sprig of holly to decorate. As much as I love the steamy smell of Christmas pudding boiling and bubbling, my favourite Christmas scent that has me smiling with delight is fruit cake with chocolate chips and almonds.

 Laugh, enjoy, and most definitely have yourself a merry little Christmas!


  1. Lovely post Katie. :[) Beautiful picture/s of the christmas cake!

  2. i think i will! and you too briony!
    this post just made me smile...i i really ♥ christmas : )

  3. I will be sure to!! Make sure that you enjoy yours as well!! Missing you heaps, wish that we could celebrate Christmas together!! Oh well, there is always next year!!

    Love you tons, please give Miss E.R a kiss for me, she is sooo cute!! At our house everday Mr B asks mum if he is 'still four?!'
    :) haha!! They are such a match for cuteness!

  4. I found you through your sister Laura's blog, you guys are just so cool! I love your posts. :) And I also have a diary! I love hearing other people talk about theirs. :)



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