Dec 13, 2011

focusing on: the season

Holidays and Christmas cheer always bring about planning. However they also bring about a chance to put your feet up while sipping hot tea out of Mum's best china cups, eating sultana tea cake and enjoying a fun filled tea party with the family!

We have been having little tea parties often lately. Mum will come home from picking up the morning news paper with a surprise jam roll or a packet of lamingtons under her arm. Miss.L will then boil the kettle and I will get down the china tea set and we throw a little party in honor of the season!

Little-miss.E.R came inside this afternoon with a handful of seed pods she had picked down in the back garden. She walked up to Mum and said with a smile: "These are for birthday." When Mum asked who's birthday little-miss.E.R's answer was: "Baby Jesus." Oh dear girl! Only two years old and yet she has the right idea about the season!

Yesterday afternoon, I ventured outside barefooted with Mister.E and Little-miss.E.R. Butterfly net in hand, we began catching "Santa Clauses" as we call them but are often refereed to as grass seeds. Oh! We caught millions of the little things! Then after we got board of such play we sat down and read 'Lizzie nonsense' and 'Great adventures' in the sunshine. During this time Mister.E informed me that when he grows up he wants to be a policemen. Little-miss.E.R being the cute little girl that she is wants to be a "Fire engine." Next came an exciting game of pirates and swash-buckling heroes!  We played until a golden glow streaked across the sky and it was sundown. I love make-believe games.

This season I am focusing on family and trying to live the moments. What are you focusing on this week?


  1. Lovely post Bri! Give little-miss E.R a kiss for me, she is sooo cute! I wish that I could be with you to sip tea, laugh and chat about the Summer holidays and the Christmas season! Missing you tons,
    Chloe Lou

  2. Thank you Chloe! I'll pass on that kiss.

    Love you.

  3. What a nice way to spend your week and definitely focusing on the right things! Elissa Rose is so cute and the pictures you've taken are truly priceless!
    Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday at our Christmas party! (you are coming, right?)
    Me xo

  4. i love family. a lot! maybe i should also focus on them.


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