Dec 15, 2011

Focusing on: christmas cheer

Over the past two years, we have made it a tradition that on Christmas day we always drink hot and creamy Milo from our tall Christmas mugs with a plate of rumballs in hand. Each mug is completely different and very special to it's owner because we believe that Christmas traditions make us feel good and cheerful inside and breaking a Christmas tradition would be like taking something away from our Christmas and it would not be making it half as special as it should be.

When you read the word 'Christmas' what automaticly comes into your head? For many of us, we see bright and colourful lights and snow, even though 50% of us celebrate Christmas in a swimming pool under the hot summer sun. In the suburb where I live Christmas is often sweltering a hot day when the air conditioner is on the lowest tempreture and you feel like jumping in an icy river, clothes and all! However, many parts of Australia could be in for a very wet Christmas this year.

Three weeks of rain tends to drive a person like me a little nuts. I think to myself, um hello? Summer time! But the weather never turns. I am beginning to wonder if the clouds will ever stop crying! However, the benefit of this rain is the beautiful change that has come over the landscape.

Although, not only in the day time is this little, country town gorgeous, at night the whole city lights up! Dazzling bright lights dance in your face and flashing Santa Claus signs swinging in the breeze. In the city centre every shrub and every tree is sparkling with tiny fairy lights and "Santa Claus" is swinging his bell along the side walk. All of this sends a delightful shiver up my spine. Christmas is here!

It is very hard to feel upset or cross when you cast your eyes upon Chirstmas lights. So I encourage you to lighten up and spread some Christmas cheer through out your neighbourhood.

                                                                           Merry Christmas!


  1. Christmas traditions are the best. I love all of your mugs!

  2. Aww... so lovely! I just love your photos and words. :)

    P.S. I looked at your good reads page and my heart skipped a beat. Aw. Goodenss. You're beyond sweet. Really? Thanks a lot.

  3. Yet again another terrific post!! I love the photo of the flower, very pretty!! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas full of love and memories!! Love you always, Chloe xox

  4. Since I live in Texas we raarely get snow... :(
    It's only snowed here twice!

    I wish it would rain here for two weeks straight! :P We've been in a drout since Summer!!!

    I love your pictures!
    Merry Christmas!


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