Nov 21, 2011

Tis' the season!

The excitement is building. Christmas is on it's way!

We are not as patient and some families. We can not wait until December 1st to whack on our Christmas music, it has to go on now!

My sister and I hum Christmas tunes while washing up the dinner dishes or dressing in our rooms. Today I even caught myself tapping 'Jingle Bells' on my glass with my fork!

It is funny how Christmas seems to get into our blood. We feel a little lighter and a little happier. I tend to sing carols in the shower!

Mister E loves to grab a whisk and sing 'Rocking around the Christmas tree'  into it while doing a little fancy foot work to go with it. Miss E.R enjoys dressing up in her purple cape and floppy hat while dancing to the "C-wist-mas' so she calls it! Mister C and Miss L also enjoy dancing to the loud carols while I video the whole hilarious performance!

No doubt that you will agree with me that we enjoy Christmas, or more preparing for it. What can I say? It is in our blood. :)

Tis' the season!


  1. I started listening to Christmas music, too. love it! :)

  2. Ah, I just love this time of year. Happy holidays!

  3. That's just the feeling that I get when the Christmas season springs to life! Yup, it's definatly in our blood! The Christmas carols at our house aren't playing...they are blasting!


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