Nov 10, 2011

my w'ittle life

Ever read a super inspiring book or watched a movie that empowers you to take that leap and step out of your comfort zone? I have. You see someone else reach their dreams and then you look back on your own life and you are still sitting on your backside with your dreams far off on the horizon. That makes me want to show the world that I can reach my goals.

I watched 'Soul Surfer' last night with my Mum. The story of Bethany Hamilton. The girl who in 2003 got her left arm taken by a shark. She lost over 60% of her blood and not to mention the ability to do little things like, fixing her hair or getting dressed or just making a sandwich. She was thirteen years old. She loved to surf. It was her favourite thing to do. Then such a terrible accident made it very hard for her to ever get back on her board again. But she had determination and Jesus. Today, she is a pro surfer and loving every minute of it. She says she would never change what happened to her because now she can embrace more people then she ever could with two arms!

I want to be like her.

I am not saying I want my arm to be taken by a shark but to be able to embrace as Bethany has done and is still doing, that would be amazing!

God has given me talents. He has given all of us the ability to use our talents to bring glory to his name. It is up to us to figure out how to do that in our own way.

I know I have talents like drawing, singing, acting, photography, and according to my family I am very good at making friends but how can this affect my life? Then I also remembered while at youth camp in September a friend of mine told me after I prayed for her that I am going to make an amazing leader one day. Wow! Me? A leader. Then a little while after that I remember a few years back my Mum telling me that when I was younger I was always good at leading things and always ready to step up and be a team leader. Could I use this among my other talents to bring honor to God? I feel that I already am. Over the past three years I have witnessed to two people one of whom I heard from later saying she is now following Christ.  I believe this is only a small step in a big direction things. Thanks Lord!

Maybe my life will not be so little after all? 


  1. Another lovely, inspiring post! :)

  2. Love your post. Really makes me think.
    Thank you for posting this, Briony : )

  3. Oh, I loved reading your post! :)
    It was so good!
    I've never witnessed to anyone..yet..but I plan on it...

  4. Wow, I'm not sure that this comment does your inspiring post justice. You are amazing Bri, I wish and pray that I could be brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and spread the light to other people, I'm convinced that it's an experiance worth taking the leap for. I hope that I can do it one day.

    Love your post!


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