Nov 25, 2011

Decking the halls.

With the spirit of Christmas hanging in the air it is only fitting that we fill our home with some good Christmas cheer!

It gives me a warm and happy feeling inside sitting on the living room sofa at night enjoying the bright Christmas lights dangling on the tree, with the shiny balls reflecting my face and the Santa dolls smiling their fake, painted smiles on me. Yes, I do love this season!

The shops are filled with bright decorations and annoying loud advertisers, booming into the microphone about a new jewelery sale or a new ladies' perfume! The horde of busy people thronging throughout Big W and Target is amazing! The busy season is here.

The sad part is soon it will all be over. No presents, no carols. People will continue on with their lives leaving the old year behind. Soon, they may forget what it feels like to see a Christmas tree up in lights or an unwrapped present on their lap. But maybe, just maybe, this Christmas they will take away something a little more special. The love of Jesus Christ whom Christmas all goes back too. I encourage you this Christmas to share the Gospel with someone who has not heard it before. Let them take away something special this Christmas so they can start the new year off with a BANG!

  Happy (early) Christmas!


  1. wow, you get your house ready for Christmas quite early!
    we don't until about 1-2 weeks before Christmas.
    every one's different I suupose : )
    lovely photos by the way. I really ♥ the first one :D

  2. We've set up the Christmas tree here at my house too! Nice to know we're not the only ones who love to celebrate the holidays extra early. :-)

  3. Wonderful photos! I love them all. We usually start getting ready around the weekend after Thanksgiving.
    Have a safe and cheerful holiday season!

  4. Merry Christmas!! Our house isn't decorated yet either, only because we have to wait till my brother's birthday, which is two weeks before x-mas, but we are excited all the same.

    I'm going to give someone the best present ever this year, the gift of Jesus, or at least I'm am going to try extra hard till I do.

    Thanks again for you encouraging post Bri, you are amazing, the way that you weave words!


  5. Lovely post Bri - and the photo of the pine-cones is so pretty! I love Christmas too. :)


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