Oct 1, 2011


Birthdays are always special occasions...especially when they are yours.

People ask me: "So, do you feel any older?" I answer that I honestly do not feel any different at all. I may look slightly older in my brand new moonstone earrings but the feeling does not happen over night. ☺

 I remember the day I turned ten. I was so excited to have finely reached the double digits stage that I found myself acting rather superior. I thought I was to old to play "Baby" games such as: Barbies, dollies, running games and other activities of the same kind. I thought I was very grown up. Looking back, seeing myself as I really was, makes me laugh as I think of who cute I must have been thinking of myself that way. Chances are, in another four years, I may think my fourteen-year-old-self to be even cuter! But that's the fun of it isn't it? Being a kid while you still are.

So, I spent most of my birthday at a surf camp with my youth group. I spent three action packed, fun filled days on the coast complete with water bomb fights and trashing cabins for fun!

I arrived with my entire youth group at the Sunny Coast on Monday the 19th, and got back on my birthday, Wednesday the 21st at 5:00pm. Even though most of my birthday was spent away from my family, I still had a ball was blessed by all my friends!

They sang happy birthday to me, all sixty of them, in the breakfast dinning area at 7:45 in the morning. I sat there blushing, feeling a little embarrassed...but happy.

Most of the three days was spent at the beach. The sand between my toes and the salty sea water in my mouth was very welcome, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Day two of surf camp began with my entire cabin waking up to the sound of Ashley's (our awesome cabin leader) phone alarm going off at 5:55am! The night before, the leaders announced that Tony  was going to be leading a beach walk at 6:15 in the morning. Even though it meant waking up extra early after an extremely late night of chatting over lollies and Smiths chips, seeing a beautiful, bright sunrise over the Pacific ocean was on thing my cabin did not want to miss.

So, we had twenty minutes to shower and dress before the party went off! We were late. We had to run down a hill, cross a busy highway, sprint across wet grass and deal with incredibly sore feet until we caught up to the rest of the early-birds. But it was worth it!

For this beach walk, I made the stupid mistake of wearing full-length jeans. Not a good idea when you are paddling in the waves!

Night 2 on youth camp started off with a bang! Or in this case, a talent show.

Each cabin had to perform in front of the 'Judges'.  For the two winners, there would be five movie tickets each to be handed evenly throughout the winning cabin(s).

My cabin (five girls) teased our hair to billy-o, painted our faces with white zinc and black eyeliner, and dressed in black jeans and shirts. Any ideas yet? Here is a little clue: K.I.S.S.


Yes I know, not exactly a *Christian* band but we totally rocked it! Unfortunately, I do not have any photos because, obviously I was performing. I was "Space man" . We didn't win but we had a ball!

When I got back from youth camp, a nice bubble bath with rose petals was awaiting me. A delicious birthday cake decorated by my caring brother, and a whole lot of fantastic presents which included a Hair-Dryer!

I had a fantastic birthday. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such amazing friends and family who helped make it special for me!


The Friday after I got back, my family and I went to a lake to enjoy a picnic lunch by the silver waters, to have some family time and to celebrate.

The lake was complete with the hot sun shining on the still waters hugging the shore, a playground designed to look like a tree house, a volley ball court and of course a laughing, happy family such as ourselves to enjoy it all!

This year, my birthday was extra special. Not only did I spend it with friends, but with a family that loves me as well.

I like birthdays.



  1. Anonymous1.10.11

    sounds so fun! glad you had a good time! ;)

  2. I really liked the photos in this post :)

  3. happy (belated) birthday, briony dear!! that sounds like sooo much fun and i'm glad you had such a fun time : )

  4. Happy Birthday ~ dearest Jane!!!
    YAY!! love you tons ~ Lizzy


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