Oct 22, 2011

my happy heart

All is quiet. Some of us are laying on the couch with our noses stuck in a book, while others are snoozing comfortably on an armchair next to the window, dappled in sunshine. While some (like me) and typing away, words flowing from their heads down into their fingers and out onto the keyboard, and at the same time listening to the blue wren's soft and melodious song.


Why worry about tomorrow when life is this good and peaceful? Why should I care about how awful I think my blog is? Comparing never did anyone good, it only leads to tears, and frustration. My blog is perfect just the way it is! So what if I have been losing then regaining the losing again followers in the past week? My blog and I have come a long way and I love the people who do take the time to read my blog. Thank you.


I got a fresh haircut this morning. The light, bouncy feeling my hair has now is a dramatic change to
the dead, flat feeling my hair had before! I felt like a princess parading around the shopping centers today. Tinel my hair dresser is a pro. Not only does she give you the perfect cut but she is friendly and chats to you as well. Thank you Tinel!


I love cake. The smell of the freshly baked, sugarific treat drives me crazy! When I do bake, I love putting of my mother's pink flower printed apron, pulling out an old recipe with food stains already splattered on the paper to show it is a well loved treat, and one by one collecting all my ingredients. You just know that it is summer when you sink you teeth into a tropical tasting cupcake!


Today has made me feel blessed. I feel so happy and my spirits have risen since yesterday. My happy heart is thankful for everything. You too. ☻



  1. love the necklace, you are gorgeous, and now i'm hungry... time for a midnight snack.

  2. I love your blog, and I completely agree with all that you say! I'll never tire of reading Katie's Korner, I'll have you know : )
    New haircut! Yay! I love getting my hair done too. Had it done jsut before the wedding, so I'm pretty happy. Where do you get your hair done?


  3. Love your haircut! You look really cute in it. :)

    Hope you have a nice day!

  4. Love your haircut!! You look smashing!!
    You have NOTHING to worry about in your beautiful blog! I think that it's as pretty as you are!! (and you are VERY pretty!)
    Love you always
    ~ Chloe


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