Oct 21, 2011

Friday's happenings

                Two photos from my day. I like to keep things simple. Not easy, just simple.

Today consisted of reading, photography, cuddles, sunshine, hot tea, HTML codes, summer, excitement! I have had a good day. Average, nothing to brag about but none-the-less it still had it's very special moments, like being cuddled and kissed by a smiling, two year old girl who tells you she "Wuvs you".  Or like getting that sense of satisfaction when you have redesgined your room or your blog. I like those type of feelings. They makes me smile. :)

Despite my good day I still feel that pang of depression when it comes to blogging. We all get this feeling sometimes. The uninspired-not-feeling-to-good-about-my-blog feeling. Ugh! Why does blogging have to be so darn hard? It is not all the time though. I love blogging! However, lately I am feeling down about my blog. My photography especially. Comparing my blog to others I see I giant and an ant. My blog is the ant. But then, I suppose I am not aiming to be the giant, I am aiming to create something that I will be proud of later, no matter how pathetic or silly it may seem. :)

On Tuesday, my family and I are heading to the coast NSW! There is nothing like breathing in the fresh smell of salty sea water. I can almost feel the wind whipping through my hair! However since we are going away, it will be a little quiet around here. (Not that it isn't anyway). Goodbye little blog! Maybe when I am home again my head might be cleared and I will be feeling inspired and better about you once more.


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  1. what a great way to spend your day, if do say so myself! and that is so cool for tuesday!! you will have to document your trip!!

    happy saturday!!

    xo flor


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