Sep 16, 2011

Still little yet...

I can not remember when it began but ever since a very young age, I have been mistaken to be a lot older then my years. I still get the same shocked look when I reveal my true age. They answer that they thought I was at least fifteen-I was twelve when this happened.

I have always known that I act very different for my age. Some have called it mature, responsibility and sensibility. Me? I do not know what to call it. I often reply that I truly do not notice any difference in the way or manner in which I act in, but they will always answer: "No! You're different. More mature in your manner and not so silly."  I just smile.

Sometimes I get scared that I may come across as snobby and proud. Ugh! I have meet people who do come across that way. I have tried to be careful not to be influenced by them. But maybe, while I am trying very hard to be careful, I may become blind to the fact that I really am stuck-up and stupid!

Over the years, I have learned to accept the fact that I am a little different...maybe that is a good thing. But no matter how mature or sensible I am, no body will ever be able to force me to "grow up" to soon. I still enjoy those lazy summer days outside in the shadiest place in the backyard playing "camping". I still enjoy playing those top-secret-spy games with Nerf guns, secret bases and look out trees. My manner may be older, but I am still an imaginative little girl at heart!

 Next week is my fourteenth birthday. September 21st. I am a spring baby. That sounds special doesn't it? I will be away on a camp with my church youth group from Monday the 19th (18th USA date) and will be on the bus coming home late afternoon Wednesday the 21st (20th USA date). Sixty teenagers including myself will be heading down via bus to the Sunny Coast. Staying in cabins and hitting the beach (and the shopping centres) daily is the perfect birthday present.

 I will be thinking of you, little blog, while building sandcastles on the beach because remember, I am still little yet and sandcastles are for all ages!



  1. I get the whole, "wow! you are so mature for your age" speal all the time, too. It's quite funny, and now that I am 17, people always assume or say that I act like I am in college. I can't say I mind; I just smile, too.

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  4. Anonymous17.9.11

    I think you are very mature for your age and such a beautiful person; I've really enjoyed getting to know you! Courtney has had the same thing happen to her at 12. "So, Courtney, are you, maybe...15?" Haha. :P

    Happy B'day for the 21st! *excitment* sounnds like you are going to have a great birthday away! :P


    p.s. have you entered my giveaway?

  5. Oh I have the opposite (not that I'm extremely immature or anything!!) but everyone thinks I'm 16 when I'm actually 19!

  6. Anonymous19.9.11

    I'm the opposite of you, everybody thinks I'm 13 when I'm actually 18! haha But I'm also still a little girl at heart, and in a sense, I think I'll always be, and that's a good think! I truly think you can both mature and young at the same time :) And have fun on your trip!


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