Sep 9, 2011

itchy feet

Meaning: If you have itchy feet, you feel the need to go somewhere new and exotic or do something different.

Life can be exceedingly boring at times. I have lived in the same old country town for almost fourteen years. Every morning, the same boring routine occurs. I get up, eat a breakfast of wheat biscuits, milk, and Vegemite toast. I get dressed, do my chores, shut myself in my room for a good two hours and do a bulk of school work until break time. Then, play time begins. We play camping, spy's, a Jewish family running away from the Nazis, football, soccer, yes, we come up with quite a few interesting games. After a bite to eat we often do a family activity, or two, or three. But each day can get boring. I have got itchy feet.

I am sure that everybody at one time or another has experienced this feeling. You just want to jump, shout, SCREAM and let all your feelings out. You want to travel, experience the unusual. Feel the salty sea breeze whip through your hair as you sail solo all around the world. Taste foreign dishes, climb a mountain, become famous, write a novel while sitting in the most expensive hotel in Paris. Anything to escape from your ordinary life!

When I was eight, I felt God told me to one day become a missionary. From then on, a fire has been kindling in my heart. I mean to obey God's command, for he has a wonderful plan for my life, but, so far, nothing has happened. My life is not taking any dramatic turns. I am not moving to China or Bangladesh, I have not done anything to pursure God's command. I feel horribly flat, and yet, very restless.

I have been reading missionary stories of the late and while reading them, a passion and eagerness is stirring in my heart. I can just imagine the thrill of witnessing to somebody about Jesus and watching their faces light up when they grasp the truth of how they came into being.

I am not quite sure how to cure these itchy feet, perhaps begin pursuing my dreams. Who knows? Maybe one day I might catch them.



  1. i know exactly what you mean! i get that feeling all the time too : )
    i think you'd be a good missionary! who know's where the lord will leas you in the future?!

  2. Ugh, I know the feeling. I hope your feet get to run soon!

  3. Waiting is usually the hardest thing in life; but I am sure God is preparing you for His perfect plan during this time of what may seen like boring day-to-day routine. I also have a pretty monotonous routine daily, but everyday is an opportunity to grow closer to Him, no matter where I am. :)

  4. I've awarded you the Lovely Blog Award. Congrats!


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