Sep 1, 2011

If 'Spring' were wishes, I'd have a whole garden full.

                                             Its official. Today is the first day of Spring!

 I have been waiting a whole Winter for this folks! I even planned what I would say in my post about Spring. But you know what? What I planned sounds silly and rather childish. It was full of how wonderful life is now that the season has changed and all the flowers are beginning to bud. Yes, life slowly does get better, mainly because there is not so many Winter flues and colds, etc. But life does not instantly get more exciting as soon as Spring arrives.

I am always writing about how wonderful and perfect life is, not that it isn't wonderful but life has its bitter and cutting sides as well. Heck, if I typed down all the things I had done through out the week (including all the bad), I guarantee you would wonder if I was the same Katie you have been reading about.

I have said before that one day I hope to look back on this blog and relive all these memories. I know I will and I am certain I will enjoy it but really, my life is not perfect, and I am only writing about the good and wholesome memories. Put them all together and they only make up half of my life.

Now, I am not saying I am going to burden you with all the wrong and sinful things I do throughout my day, but from now on, I am going to be very careful with how and what I write on this blog.

Spring 2011 is the starting line, and I am slowly yet surely going to make my way to the finishing line.

 Welcome Spring.



  1. The first pic is priceless. You're adorable. :)

  2. WHOA. just when I'm getting ready for fall...that's wacky! I love the new header :)

  3. You lucky duck! How I wish it was spring again where I live.

  4. yes, welcome spring!!! love your new design, great job katie! can't wait to see you at holly's party next sat!!!

    <3 Bri

    p.s. hehehe- i still don't have my outfit!!! :/

  5. spring's here? gosh, i've been waiting for this season since spring left us last december (sob)!! thank goodness winter is over... for another long blissful year!!
    see ya at my party! {squeals} i can't wait : )

  6. Love the Photos Jane, dearest!
    HOORAY for spring!

    Much love from Lizzie!! xox


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