Sep 6, 2011

creating special moments...

Being a big sister, you tend to shoulder larger responsibilities from a younger age. Whether it be hanging out load of wet washing, cooking a meal, giving the little ones a bath, or just spending time with your younger siblings outside. Two days ago, just before the golden hour I journeyed outside and was followed by my own parade. As the older two played "Spy's",  I spent some time in a sea of creamy clovers with my 2 year old sister and 5 year old brother. Camera in hand, I captured those moments and enjoyed watching their little faces light up when discovering a dandelion, or a beetle.

Making precious memories is special.

Being only threes years apart, my little brother and sister are very close. Anything big brother does, she has to do too. Anything thing big brother says, she says too. Anywhere big brother goes, she must always follow. Because of this pattern, they make a perfect pair to take photos of together. If he is sitting, she will too for as long as it takes. ☺

     I asked her to do a silly, or, in her vocabulary, a "kissy" face. That is the adorable outcome! Big brother does not like "kissy" faces. ;)

After wondering around for about five minutes, she began playing peek-a-boo behind a small washing line I constructed to go with a small backyard campsite. I snatched up the chance for yet another fun photo shot and she loved all the attention!

But as all toddlers do, she got board. She simple trotted away from me and my camera (which by now she was beginning to hate) and began playing in the dirt. She picked up pieces of bark and bunches of leaves which she would show me and then continue with what she was doing. She knows her own mind. ☺

Big brother began to get jealous of all the attention his baby sister was getting. He asked me if I could possibly take a few photos of him with his superhero cape billowing out behind him! I said I would. He smiled. I love it when he smiles.

So, as the sun set over the mountains we journeyed inside. I'll never forget that one, precious, hour I spent with my brother and sister. I love them.



  1. how precious? elly rose is so cute : ) : )

  2. Such cute photos :) I love the second and third!

  3. That's sweet! :) Your siblings are really cute.

  4. Aw, your siblings are so precious.:) Great photos!

  5. Love the pic's!'Big Brother' and 'Little Sister' make a great pair! Nice photos!

    Love you all heaps,
    Chloe xox

  6. AWW! So cute! Adorable photos. :) My brother and I are also three years apart. We've been incredibly close forever. So, I can relate to your little sis - doing what he does, saying what he says...yes, we've got videos of me basically just copying Jared, doing whatever he's doing. Ha! Gotta love that sibling friendship! It's a precious thing. :)

    Wonderful post. Have a stunning day, lovely one!

  7. That is so beautiful!


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