Aug 19, 2011

what makes my day...

                                                                Being naughty and sleeping in,
                                           Easing comfortably into the sofa covered with soft pillows,

                      August weather. The sunshine, the flowers, the gentle breezes and the first spring rain,

                            Ucanny sounds of train whistles blowing over the hills and lulling me to sleep,

       Twilight's peaceful feeling as the beginnings of night rush over the country like a soundless river,

         Ice-cream cones filled with chocolate ice-cream, topped with fudge sauce and rainbow sprinkles.

                                Freakles. The cute brown spots upon the sticky, smiling face of a baby.

                                    Understanding parents who are beside you through thick and thin.

   Laughing over the phone with your best friend/cousin and enjoying the sound of each others' voices.




  1. That makes my day!
    Oh and visiting you on Tuesday will make my day : )
    Love Holly

  2. Anonymous20.8.11

    lovely post katie <3


thank you for just made my day!