Aug 21, 2011

Turning chicken

When you have neighbours who keep chickens as pets you have to expect a couple of feathery visitors every-now-and-then, who enjoy pecking at the mosquito mesh on the front door. Just two chickens, squawking away over a worm or grub and creating great excitement through out the family. Out we go, cameras in hand trying to catch a photo or two before the beautiful models run out of sight.

          This little guy and his brand new camera were snapping away madly. I am very jealous. ☺

This cheeky one came right up to me, pecked at my camera lens and went crazy flapping in my face. Chickens and their claws. Ugh!

Soon after they visit for a few hours we always go in search of fresh eggs. We have not gotten lucky...yet.



  1. chickens! we've never had them as pets ; )

  2. Anonymous21.8.11

    Wow, I'd be a little bit scared if there was a chicken walking around in our yard.. :D

  3. Anonymous21.8.11

    haha. cute post. congrats on getting 50 followers! planning to do anything, like a giveaway ect.??? ;)

  4. Aww! I love chickens.:)


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