Aug 3, 2011

Sunday's are not the weekend, they are the week-beginning!

Why was Sunday so special? Well, Sundays are my favourite day of the weekend. In fact, Sundays are not the end of the week, they are the beginning and last Sunday was a perfect start to this week!

I woke up in the morning with a spring in my step and a (sleepy) smile on my face. Church was fantastic. Lunch was delicious, I ate a bowl of mashed potatoes with melted cheese and mayonnaise. Unfortunately, it was exactly beautiful so I decided to leave my camera out of my lunch and continue eating. And the afternoon was spent shopping. Yes, Sunday was special.

I also spent a good deal of Sunday reading The Hobbit by J.R Tolkien. Being a lover of adventure and fantasy, this book called out to me and I have spent every spare minute I have reading it. And I have discovered that reading a book, while eating a block of chocolate, makes the book even better!

I love vintage things. Whether it be fashion or household decorative items, I love it all! So, going to a little village smack bang in the middle of a busy Highway shopping around for every pretty item we can get our hands on it my kind of thing.

  They were selling these cute little milk bottles for $6 dating back to 1810! I wonder were they get a hold of these knick-knacks?


As we were coming out of the shop I happened to find among the many stalls a beautiful, vintage clock. Well, it is not really vintage (as in not dating back to the 1800s) but it is beautifully decorated and it has the word Paris on it! Ahhhh! *swoon* I was very excited. Whats more, it had been reduced to $7.50. Ten minutes later the clock was hanging on my bedroom wall ticking away!

I have managed (with the help of my sister) to put together another fashion shoot. I am not entirely familiar with the whole posing technique but I am learning, however I would like your opinion of my
outfit(s) but I think this one will get quite a few thumbs up. ;)

A girl's number one accessory: Next-door-neighbour's cat.

Top:Vinnies/Pants:Kmart/Necklace:Black Forest Market/Earrings:Gift/Shoes:Target/Cat:...

As I bring this post to a close I must apologize for this very childlike post. You see, I have been writing this over three days because of slow computers, silly Internet, etc. I hope I haven't set your head spinning.



  1. Love it all!
    If you could reply to my email ASAP that would be great!!

  2. The vintage clock looks really neat! :) Good job finding it.

    Your outfit looks really nice! I really like the color of your shirt. ;)
    Cute kitty!

  3. oh-my-gosh! i LOVE that clock!!!

    and BTW you look really pretty in all those photo's! ;D

  4. LOVE reading anything Tolkien:-) Great choice! xoxo

  5. I must say, I really enjoyed reading that post. :)
    Oh, and I love your top! It's a beautiful shade of blue. Good pick!
    God bless. :)


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