Aug 16, 2011

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                                                       "Family. Who would be without them?"

Very, very true. I have a fantastical family. My parents, love me, care for me, make sure I have a nice warm bed, clothes on my back and food in my belly. My siblings. Even though we practically kill each other from time to time I know that deep down in my heart, that if one of us were in trouble or hurt, the others would come running. God put us in families to learn from one another. Some families do that better then others, though my family, I think we are pretty cool. ☺

Being the eldest child, I have learnt to be careful with what I say and do because I know that my younger brothers and sisters look up to me and they learn from me. Although, I could never say that I have always been careful. I yell, I talk back and I argue. But I later on I realize how wrong I am and I try to hold my tongue, however sometimes I wonder whether I need a shackle to hold it down!

I have often asked my younger brothers and sisters what it is like to have an older sibling. They jokingly answer that it is horrible having me as their older sister! I laugh but I wonder...what it would be like to have an older sister or brother.

Watching movies like The Waltons and other shows that are based on family I always wish that someone, preferably a boy, was born before me. Man, what would I give just to have an older brother like John-Boy. But, I always come back to reality to find I am the oldest child and have been given John-Boy's job. I suppose that for some reason or other, God made me the eldest child and so I must embrace it and enjoy it! It is quite fun. ♥


  1. Anonymous17.8.11

    You have lovely siblings! :) makes me wish I had siblings too...

  2. @Gaby: Thanks Gaby! I truly am blessed. Sorry you don't have any siblings. I have only ever been there once before I got a little sister but I can't remember it much...

  3. Your siblings are all such fun to be around! Where would we be without siblings?!
    Holly ♥


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