Aug 26, 2011

Random rambles

I always seem to get a peculiar feeling around this time of year. A feeling of excitement and happiness knowing that spring and warmer weather is just around the corner. A feeling of fun days beside a swimming pool or under a water sprinkler in the steaming hot weather that has yet to arrive. A feeling of happiness that winter is over and out of the closets come all the tee-shirts and swimmers once more! I can't wait!

Flip-Flops: Or thongs as they are called in Australia. Rest assure to all my American readers that I am not talking about the other type of thong *cough* *cough*. Anyway, the first member of the family to ditch socks and boots is my littlest sister-2 yrs old. She simply refuses to wear socks or gumboots, it must always be her wiggles thongs. She did a little bit of modeling for me yesterday. She says she has "Cosy toesies" in her new summer foot wear! ♥

Friends: Spending a fun filled afternoon of play with friends is always worth while. Taking breaks to chat over some hot chapatti and potato curry then hurrying back to just about the most awesome swing in the world is tiring, yet so much fun! The swing that their father has constructed is hanging from a eucalyptus tree which is safely perched on the top of a short, yet steep hill. The ride down and then back is up is almost like flying! We all enjoyed pushing each other of the steep decent and laughing over their pathetic squeals of fright! We all screamed I assure you. ;)

 Please excuse my horrible smile. It was my first turn down and was still recovering from the thrill of it!

Focus: *Sigh* How I love a photo that has good focus through out the frame. I am so pleased with my camera! It captures even the tiniest details such as a flimsy cobweb or the rust on an old barbed-wire fence. Even the back light is there!

Purple: I seem to be wearing an awful lot of purple of the late. Purple tops, purple pants, purple stripes, I am even planning to wear a purple bureau to youth group tonight! But I do love the colour.

Books: I don't think I can ever emphasize enough of just how much I love books. There is nothing like opening a new book and breathing in the old, musty smell. I am currently reading 'The Lord Of The Rings'. It is the most exciting book I have ever read! And I know I said that last time about  'The Hobbit' but nothing can top 'The Lord Of The Rings'. The cover is curled at the corners and the pages are slightly yellow, showing that it is a very well loved book.

How has your week been? Please tell!



  1. My week has been awesome! Great post (as usual)!:)
    I am reading 'the westing game' (as you know) a murder mystery story! My eyes are hurting from reading to much! I had a lot of fun at Nissi's house yesterday!! From your (Crazy) sister!!

  2. :) my week has been fairly boring! but it looks like you've had a ball. :)))
    Great pictures.


  3. Hi Katie,

    Oh, girl...I'm a fan of purple too! I don't think I could ever get tired of it. I think my favorite shade is lavender--It is such a soothing color.

    I know what you mean about old books. I <3 them much! While I was at the beach, our family went to a bookstore. After browsing around for awhile, to my delight I found a couple of Louisa May Alcott's books {An Old Fashioned Girl & A Rose in Bloom} on the 'Collectables' shelf. They were very reasonably priced, too…both of them only cost $11. So now, they decorate the top of my dresser in my room {old books can be so charming, can’t they?}. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but I hope to before the year is out. :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend…

    P.S. Sorry for the long comment... :P

  4. My week has been busy, but good.:) I love the photos!

  5. Your week sounds pretty cool! I've been trying to finish up my summer homework this week- blech. Oh, and I survived a little earthquake :) and now there's a hurricane coming!

    I have a question...what is a purple "bureau?"

  6. @Mary Ann: A bureau is a French hat. You often see artists wearing them.

  7. My week has been pretty good! We went to church camp on the weekend and that was fun. (just got back now)
    I did notice that you were wearing a lot of purple lately. You look nice in it ♥

  8. Eek, love your blog's layout. Especially the colors. So pretty!
    And my week has been busy with school. Sigh. ;)


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