Aug 12, 2011

Random rambles

 Spring: Despite having sick parents and sick brothers and sisters this week has had it's up sides. The season is changing ever so slowly, yet it is noticeable. The sun is just that bit more warm, the air is scented with sweet smells of jasmine and baked dirt, the sound if bees buzzing from flower to flower is almost like a spring lullaby and the days are getting longer. After such a cold, biting winter spring weather is very, very welcome.

 Sunlight: We have all been encouraged by our mother to drink up the sunshine as much as possible because soon, there is to be another cool snap. Ugh! Will the horrible weather ever decide to just stay away?Anyway, I enjoy "drinking up the sunshine" by lying on my back with my arms folded behind my head, face tilted towards the sky. It is so pleasant just being out there alone enjoying the warm weather and the soft sting of the sun.

  Food: My favourite afternoon snack is scones. I love them thickly buttered with jam and a dollop of cream on top. Of course it would not be afternoon tea without something to drink. A hot cup of green tea does the job nicely along with a good book to read.

Family: Spending an afternoon with family and friends is truly special. Climbing trees, eating meringues, patting horses and just having fun!

                                         (My Aunty and baby sister-oh yes, and Cadbury the horse)

Dusk: I am sure I am not the only one whose favourite time of day is dusk. The vivid reds and golds strewn across the sky along with a soft purple and pink. Watching the sun melt away into inky blackness dotted with silver stars. Yes, sunsets are beauty itself.

Mm. Yes. Despite sickness and colds life has been a blessing and I am going to try to savor every drop.

How has your life been this week?



  1. Oh, sick again? That's annoying. But as you said, the week still had its upsides! Those photos make me smile and I really love your describing of well, whayevere you're describing.
    Oh and one thing, you forgot to write scones when you were talking about it being thickly buttered with cream and jam. You'll get what I mean when you read it : )
    Hope to catch up with you soon, Friend
    Love Holly xoxo

  2. Mmmm, that scone looks really good! ;)

    Sorry to hear that most of you family is sick. Hope they get better soon!

    Take care!

  3. There's actually been too much sunshine where I live. I'd love a cold front. I guess that's what they mean about the grass being greener, though, right?

    Great pictures! I love what you said about dusk.


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