Aug 24, 2011

Kicking that ball, clicking that camera

Weekends are not quiet or restful days for us. Yes, we have a break from school and work, etc but our Saturdays and Sundays are all hustle and bustle!

One of my younger brother has an extreme love for soccer. He is always in the backyard kicking the ball around and making goals with sticks and branches. He often will try to teach me how to play the game. I will just smile secretly because I already know the rules of soccer, how to play the game, etc. Although, I think he quite enjoys teaching his big sister. ;)

Most every Saturday he has a game. Which means getting up early, getting dressed, packing morning tea, piling ourselves into the car and slowly getting to soccer before the game starts. My younger brother however, loves it. He loves the feeling of running out into the field and focusing on nothing but the ball. He is a defence man. He hangs back a bit but he is certainly not the least best of the players. Makes me feel sort of proud actually. ☺

So, last Saturday, there I was cheering from the side lines and taking photos whenever I could. They lost however. 1-0. It was a fantastic game though! They only let the other team score once! My little bro saved a lot of goals. Me? Proud as punch.

This little spectator was just adorable! She brought her own binoculars and was screaming at the top her lungs. "Go! Go! Kick the ball NOW!!" 

Yes, I am very proud of my brother(s). One plays soccer, the other plays at superheroes. Both are amazing in my opinion.



  1. great pictures! I'm not big on sports... haha. but the pictures are adorable. :)))


  2. awesome! i have two brothers, as well- both very sporty and always so silly! thanks for commenting on my blog- i'm glad i got to stop by yours. you've got something special here, and you've just got a new follower!

    perhaps you'll visit me sometime?



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