Aug 17, 2011

fresh tomato lunch

Tomatoes seem to be in season all year round. Their fresh juiciness and their light, tangy taste is always welcome on my taste buds. The way they lighten up a dish with their exotic colour and moist texture. The way they blend beautifully with cheese and crackers and avocado dip. The way how odd it seems that they are part of the fruit family instead of the vegetable family. My favourite way to eat this yummy and fresh food is on a Roman Pizza.

A Roman Pizza base is round pita bread brushed lightly over with olive oil and crushed garlic, then sprinkled with thyme, basil and rosemary, then we crumble over feta cheese and pop it in the oven until the bread turns golden and the feta is slightly gooey. Then after it is out, top it off with diced tomatoes and there you have it-a perfect summer (or winter) lunch!

                                                 What is your favourite fresh food lunch?



  1. Tomato, Num num num! That is a great perspective in the lovely photo. You forgot to say the garlic on the pizza! lol :)

  2. Where would we be without tomotaoes?!
    I love fresh pasta and a good tomato sauce to go on top for a filling lunch, but what you have sounds delicious and I'd like to try it : )

  3. I used to hate tomatoes, but now I'm okay with them in small amounts. Like on margherita pizza -- yum. :)


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