Aug 15, 2011

Farm life

Farms are certainly not boring places, in fact I think they are one of the funnest and most enjoyable places one could ever be.

I am lucky enough to have a best friend who lives on a farm over looking lush green mountains and paddocks full of cattle and one mischievous horse. I love to go over there and spend an afternoon (or possibly a night) on that farm sharing giggles and jokes with my friends. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure (along with my sister) to spend some time on that farm before Stacey and I were to head of to youth group. Other friends came to join us. We feed cattle, watched a bull go ballistic over his dinner, road around on the back of a rusty old Ute, swung on a tire swing and I pestered everybody with my camera!

This is Levi. He quite enjoyed climbing over gates and chasing after cows. He lives in the city so the farm was all new for him.

 Ladies, say hello to Mr Muscles: Tucker. He is seriously a "Big Daddy". He is the one that went lunatic over his hay. The horse and him had a bit of an...shall we say...argument over their dinner.

 Say "moo" to T-Bone. He is more of a quiet bull, however he did want to be as near enough the hay as possible. He is an "it". Thumbs up to those who get what that means. ;) 

After practically screaming at the top of my lungs to get everybody's attention I finely took a decent photo of everybody except me and Stacey.  The smiles on their faces certainly tells just a little bit about each person. I like that in a photo and was very pleased to be able to capture it.

                               From left to right: Laura, Levi, Harry, Annie Rose, Alex and Jenny.

I also got a few creative shots as well. During the first 5 minutes I was very surprised to discover how eager everybody was to have their photo taken. After that five minutes, they began to hide their faces and begged me to stuff my camera back into my pocket! Ugh! So unpredictable.



    Photo credit goes to Harry. Clever ain't he? The fact that he told me to stand on a rock (which I slipped off at the last minute) and raise my arms made me laugh, therefore, I have an extremely cheesy smile on my face.

                                                                    Can you spell adorable?

My sister and I came home that night with bellies full of laughs, the smell of sweet, dry, grass on our clothing, dirty feet from walking bare footed over red dirt, and the precious picture of the memories in our head that we had created that day.


P.S I must welcome my three new readers. I hope you enjoy reading Katie's Korner.


  1. Great photos! I love the cow:)

  2. Farms are one of the things I couldn't live without! I


thank you for just made my day!