Aug 11, 2011

Extreme blog makeover


                                       Do not worry, it is still the same blog just...different.

As you can see Katie's Korner has had a major makeover. I often wouldn't make such a big deal of it but this time it is really extreme. I was a bit game a went white background. *Squeal* I have not done for a long time. I like it. Drop down menus are not finished yet and there is still some HTML tweaking I have to do but I am 99% pleased with the result. However, while I was working on it I had some interesting comments from a few of my readers.  There were some that seemed to come across as, well, reluctant to admit they did not like it.  Listen folks, I love getting nice comments, they make me feel good but I also like getting a little constructive criticism as well. It helps me grow to be a better blogger and I enjoy it. So please, if you don't like something on this blog, tell me nicely and I'll get back to you nicely ;). 

A normal post will be coming up soon. As I said I am not quite finished yet.



  1. Anonymous11.8.11

    O.K. that photo is kinda, ummm....random! :P

  2. @Bri: Yup, thats the way I am.

  3. Anonymous11.8.11


  4. Anonymous12.8.11

    I really liked the new layout! Loved the colors and the simplicity ;) have a great day xoxo

  5. it's cute! it looks really similar to paper heart.

  6. @Grace: Yes. Paper heart was my inspiration!

  7. i truly do like the new makeover, it's just so, different!
    Good job, Bri : )


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