Jul 30, 2011

Going back...

When I was five years old, there was a little park down the road from where we lived. It had a small brook, a large hill for riding bikes, a playground and a picnic area. Once a week we would ride our bikes around the corner, cross the busy road, clatter over the rickety bridge, park our bikes and race to the playground as fast as we could. It was a part of our day-to-day life and I hardly even thought about it.

We have moved twice since then, each time getting just that little bit further away from that park. I missed it for a long time.

Last week, after a busy day in town, we happened to pass that park on the way to the takeaway store to buy some hot chips for lunch. I suggested we eat at the park, everybody agreed and thought it was a great idea. We got there and found nothing had change in those eight years. The brook was there, the playground, even the tree I used to climb was still there. I even found myself saying "Hello" and "Remember me?" to the playground and the trees as if they were alive! I am a little weird I suppose. ☺

My beautiful Mum. ♥

Even Batman made his way to the scene. (My little brother is going through a superhero craze) ☻

                                Don't you just love going back to special places? I do.



  1. I remember a park by an old church building that my church used to go to, over a decade ago.
    I remember throwing rocks into a nearby stream, and getting into trouble twice about that. I remember playing in the sand box with the other kids from my church, and we would make sand castles, moats, etc.
    Years went by and now that park is gone and in its place is a small pond. :(

    Those were some good memories from my childhood.

    Good post, btw. ;)

  2. I LOVE the picture of the old tree with the tangled branches!! How much fun you must have had climbing it!

    In our yard just a few years ago there stood a beautiful Virgilia tree. I remember scrambling into it's welcoming branches and writing in my book, while I enjoyed the best view of the street. At least two years ago it yielded to a storm and now we don't have a Virgilia tree anymore!

    Say Hi to Batman for me!

  3. @Chloe: Thank you! Sorry about your Virgilia tree!

    Batman says "I love you" back. ;)


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