Jul 11, 2011

flat as a pancake

I am back. More then a week away from the computer was very refreshing. Made me realize how much fun it is to not stare at a computer screen for hours on end. In fact, as awesome as the Internet may seem, it is really rather dull.

I have been a very busy girl. Three blog posts ago, I mentioned I had auditioned and got a part in a big production that the local choir was presenting. Seussical Jr. Well, it is over and done with. It has been a part of my life for over a month and now that it has finished I feel so...flat.

Rehearsals started on a Wednesday two weeks ago. It was intense, yet so much fun! We learnt lines, dances, and lyrics. With exactly 100 cast members it was just about the funnest thing I have ever been through! I did not take my camera. I did not have time to snap photos, every spare minute was filled up. There was always something to do. It was so exciting.

The show was two days ago at the Empire Theatre in town. Big stage, and the theatre itself can seat 1500 people exactly! The show went beautifully, we all enjoyed ourselves so much! Just before we went on there was whispered "chookers everyone!" and "fingers crossed!"

At the end of the show, five people who had showed amazing acting skills and positive attitude through out the production were awarded the John Penny memorial award. To my surprise, I was one of them! Me of all people picked out of a cast of 100! WOW!!! Get this, I won one hundred bucks! Crazy but true. I am feeling quiet proud of myself. :D

I love acting. It is a part of me. I am a most definitely going to be in next years production.

But now, I feel very flat with nothing to do. Oh well. ;)


  1. Anonymous11.7.11

    Hey, you only just posted this! right? i mean i was looking at my dashboard and your post just came up! :)

    it sounds like your life is pretty interesting!

    $100! wow! that's cool!

    have an awesome rest of your day! ;)


  2. that's so cool how you were chosen out of 100 CAST MEMBERS. you SHOULD be proud! ;)

  3. whoa that's awesome!! Congrats! Keep it up :)

  4. Congrats!

    Proud of you sis!

  5. Welcome back! It's awesome the stuff you can do without having to think about the internet. I've been thinking I need to take a little vacation, I don't know if I ever will though!:P

  6. That's so great, Bri! Congratulations! Wow, a 100 dollars! I'm glad you had fun! Wish I could have seen it! Having a great time away and learning lots! Have fun guets posting!!
    Love Holly. xoxo


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