Jun 10, 2011


Remember that old song? The very one you used to listen to when you were four years of age? No? Perhaps I shall enlighten you.

'In upsi-down-town, the sky is the sea, the sea is where the sky should be. The rain is falling up, instead of falling down. Down, in upsi-down-town. In upsi-down-town, nothing is where it should be, the rabbit's in the nest where the birds should be. You walk upon your nose, instead of on your toes. Down, in upsi-down-town.'

Yes. My life is a little upside down at the moment. I have been in my room (solitary confinement) for the past week now. Only to get out and walk twenty steps (I did count) to the bathroom to have a shower or rush there as fast as I can because nature is calling. So, I am a regular prisoner right? WRONG! I do have something better to sleep on then an iron bench, and I have much better food then bread and water, so for that, I am thankful.  But I just need to get out, or I will go crazy!!!

Please, ignore me. And try very hard not to notice the unmade bed in the background. ;)

Now, I have a fantastic surprise for you all. However, I think this surprise deserves a post of it's own. But I will leave you a clue. Those who already know the answer (the ones I have told)  please don't give it away! Because as my little brother would say, "You would give ba' ol' surprise away!"

I shall leave you guessing.

Until next time my darlings!

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  1. I am glad you are well today!
    I have already posted on my blog about the surprise. Those who have not read my blog will read your post.


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