Jun 3, 2011

our secret garden

~ Frances Hodgson Burnett

Do you have a favourite place? Perhaps it is a jumble of rocks by the seaside, or a favourite climbing tree? Or maybe it is a small, hidden garden? I know where mine is.

Living in a small town, you tend to find spots that are remote and undiscovered. People, busy as they are, normally to rush by them unaware of what that they have just missed. My family, were one of those people. We were not even aware of the hidden garden right around the corner until, just by chance, we were walking and came across it one day. We named it "our secret garden" known to others as the Davidson Botanic Park. We read up on the park a little and found that it was once part of a large estate an old couple once owned. Once they retired, they gave the garden to the council who took care of it, and turned into a regular little haven.  Not many people know of it and we like to think we are the only ones.

The garden has a small maze surrounded by Japanese Maples, rose and thyme bushes. A small picnic platform and an entire stretch of land spotted with big oaks and blossom trees. One word to sum it up? Beautiful.

Yesterday was an especially sunny day, so what better way to spend it then walking to "our secret garden" and spending an hour or so there just to enjoy the sunlight and blue sky?

            And what is the next best thing to rambling and collecting leaves? Having a leaf fight. :)

                                     We even found a couple of surprises. An abandoned bird's nest,

                                               and, a single dandelion. Man, I love those things.

    As the old saying goes "time flys when you're having fun" and so it did. Pretty soon, it was time to leave our secret garden and head home. Reason being, it was bub's bedtime. Although I was beginning to feel a little drowsy myself. ;)

~Katie xxoo

P.S Now, you all know my little secret okay? So don't blab it out. :)


  1. I like that! Your own little secret garden : )

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. I have been to a little garden like that before. An old lady at our church found a very similar gardan (not that one) that no one went to. She took me to it when I visited her house once.


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