Jun 22, 2011

les cheveux

Les cheveux. Hair. I thought French translation for hair sounded more creative. Our name for it is rather, well, dull.

But why did I title this post 'les cheveux'? I got a new hair cut, as have a lot of my family members lately. My two brothers had their hair done at the hair stylist. They went in with hair long enough to join the Beatles and came out with everything from spikes to crazy hair colours. I was actually contemplating of whether to colour my fringe purple or pink after seeing my brothers' wacky hairdos but being a little doubtful of whether it would look "cool" or not I just got it cut and styled.

 I have inherited my Grandma's thick hair. *Curse you genetics* so it has a tenancy to just grow and grow and grow.  As it grows it becomes thicker, which for me means taking an amazing amount of time washing it and brushing it. I was just fed up so, I got a hair cut. A bob with plenty of layers (three to be exact) and a side swept fringe.

After the hair dresser finished I shook my head unable to believe how light my hair now felt! I actually thought to myself "I am no longer Rapunzel!"

After a lot of pleading and begging I finely got one of my little brothers to pose for me. It did not last for long though, he began to get irritated and when I asked him to smile I got a board stare instead. I finely got  a good one of his awesome hair to post on here. Although, just because I am a cheeky girl, I may post a few of his "board expression" ones just because they are very cute. ;)

After this one he flounced off, shut himself in his bedroom and flatly refused to let me take any more photos of him. Sometimes it is almost impossible to persuade them!


  1. Anonymous23.6.11

    Awww! Little brothers can be bothersome but yours are adorable!

    Your new haircut is adorable too! I have thick hair too, and I love how light it feels after a haircut :)

  2. I love your hair! It's so Summery.:)

  3. Love your haircut! It looks so cute on you! :)

  4. It was nice seeing you the other day with your new hair cut : )

  5. Adorable haircut! It looks good on you. :)

    I know that wonderful light feeling a girl (with thick hair like me) gets after a fresh hair cut. I also recently got my hair trimmed last week. And I feel great!

  6. Your new les cheveux style looks so good on you!!

  7. Your little brother looks adorable with his board expression!

  8. thank you girls. I get such nice comments. :)


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