May 27, 2011

winter chills.


Winter. Cold, blistering winds, an occasional frost and coming home to a good home-cooked meal.

The weather has been getting colder and colder by the hour. The wind has had us all rugged up in beanies, gloves, and large, bulgy jackets. Hot lunches on the table every day, and warm flannelet pyjamas at night. (mine have poodles on em')

I have been waking up to a rainy, foggy days lately. I like it though. Gives me a good excuse to sit closer to the heater.

The trees however have still not understood that they are meant to be stripped of leaves and bare. Many of them have not turned their glorious shade of red-gold yet! All but the tree across the road. Sometimes, I go out into the chilly weather, cross the road and sit under the tree for a spell, every so often, looking up at the beautiful dying leaves above me. And of course, my camera jumped into my hand on the way out. ;)

What are your thoughts on winter?


  1. I love the photos! They're awesome : )
    I don't like winter that much! I prefer it being warm and jumping in the pool and ice cream etc. But I do love winter fashion!
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,
    Love Holly

  2. Lauren29.5.11

    Winter- I love the cold frosts on the early mornings, I love my birthday, I love that fashion and the sport (:

  3. Lauren also29.5.11

    By the way, I love your big brown eyes in the 2nd photo, you look so pretty!

  4. I love winter, especially sitting by the fire reading and sipping hot chocolate. :) Your photos are just beautiful Briony - great job!


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