May 29, 2011

wanna be wedding photographer!

People ask me what I want to do when I finish school, get a job, and 'grow up.' I have a list of things written out in my brain that I am not even going to attempt to to type out here. However, I will tell you one of my dreams. I would love to become a professional wedding photographer!


Before I fulfill that dream I first must: Finish School, go to university or T.A.F.E, get a job, have a considerable amount of money to buy a shop, buy a proper camera, and actually get a gorgeous couple to hire me.

Yes, I have a long way to go. But I am quite determined I will get there. The more I type this out the more determination I am gaining.

  Right now I know I can not take photos as beautiful as this,

Source: Ica Images

or this,

Source: I'm Kristen

and I am quite certain I can most definitely not take a photo like this!

Source: Bella Pictures

But I am going to hang on to the dream. Who knows? Maybe one day, I not only could be a wedding a photographer but a bride myself. ;)


  1. Lauren29.5.11

    What a wonderful caraeer! However, I'd prefer working with horses (:

  2. wowza! that is a great career you have in front of you, katie.
    i'm so indecisive about that stuff. of course, i'd love to be a photographer because, well, i love photography, but who knows? maybe i'll move on from that hobby in ten years?

  3. Sounds great! I'll have you signed up for my wedding : )
    I love weddings and wedding photos! They're amazing!!!!!!


thank you for just made my day!