May 20, 2011

...and the band went marching by

And so it did on Anzac Day. 3 weeks ago. *Sigh* I really need to motivate myself.

This year Easter Monday and Anzac Day shared birthdays. So while you are going to see the Anzac Day march, you would be able to take a chocolate egg as a snack. Yum.

Anzac Day is a special holiday that Australia and New Zealand celebrate to honor and remember those who fought in the war.  A marching band parades down the street complete with bag-pipes and trumpets. After the parade there is a service full of long (and dare I say rather boring) speeches. After that, the parade marches back down through the centre of town with people cheering all the way-little children glad for an excuse to be loud!

It can be quite an emotional time for some people who have perhaps lost somebody in a more recent war. But for the younger children in my family, just watching the marching band thrills them!

Many people were marching for their great grandparents who went to war and never came back. Makes me feel sad, many were no older then 14.

Jets went zooming over! (scaring some little kids out of their pants)

And jeeps went past carrying some retired soldiers who actually fought in WW2.

We all enjoyed the parade.

We got back home to a simple lunch of fish'n chips. Just in time too, because a thunder storm broke practically as we walked through the door!

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