Apr 19, 2011

the thrill of being on stage

If any of you are born actors or performers there is a 95% chance you have performed on a big stage in front of thousands of people.

I love performing. I began at the age of four tap dancing dressed up as an ant moving my feet to the rhythm of *The ants go marching on by one-Hooray!-Hooray!* and smiling to the what felt like the millions of people out there in front of me. I loved it.

The next year in between ages five and six I performed again tap dancing to the beat of a marching rhythm. I was dressed up as a British Soldier marching across a huge stage in a beautiful theater with my fellow-tap-dancers.

Year after that I went back in time to the 1920s where I became a cute mini Charleston dancer. I wore bright red lip stick, pink blush and blue eyeshadow and danced my little heart out!

I was the skinniest Charleston dancer that ever walked the planet, I was probably the happiest as well.

That same night I also became a swinging G.I Blues dancer, I got my groove on with a smile on my face and a swing in my step. Little did I know, that would be the last time for seven years I would perform on that stage.

Seven years later 'TA-DAA!' I am thirteen years old, rusty, and longing for the stage again. Why did I stop? It was agreed that I would stop tap dancing for a year, that year turned into three, then three years turned into four, then that became five etc. I got the chance once again when I joined a local Choir along with my sister Laura. The entire Choir (aside from the Baritone voices) had to perform in the famous musical 'Boy From Oz'. I was very excited. To be back on stage singing was just fantastic.

We had to sing  'I Still Call Australia Home' an absolutely beautiful song written by Peter Allen.

 'Boy From Oz' is all about Peter Allen's life, from when he was a boy growing up in Tenterfield Australia, to when he traveled to the states and became famous for his singing voice and his dancing talent, then getting married to Judy Garland's daughter Liza Minnelli. It is a fun, groovy musical and the music makes you want to get up off your seat and dance like crazy!

The choir spent weeks practicing until we got it perfect.

 The night if the preview performance swung around really fast. Since I had performed in this particular theatre before, I was not feeling to bad but as soon as I stepped on to the stage a few nerves kicked in. We all began singing and an amazing blast of sound echoed through out the beautiful theatre. We all harmonised beautifully. It felt good.

Cheers and applause followed and I was smiling, everyone was.

Then, on the following weekend another performance. We waited side-stage all in our neat lines, then we climbed up a small flight of stairs and onto the stage, the curtain went up and once again we began to sing. We sounded even better then the last performance, it was great.

Thunderous applause sounded from the huge audience as we walked off the stage. Vicky (our choir conductor) praised us and we all sighed with relief. "It is over."  But I wished we could do it all again!

View of the stage from a backstage TV.

White arrow-where I stood when singing, right on top! Black arrow-Where my sister Laura stood when singing. Other choir members stood all around us.

We did not get to perform until 10:00pm so we had a long wait backstage. I amused myself by watching the show from the giant television, or taking random photos of my friend Stacey who was playing at "being engaged."


Yes. Like all good friends we can go kinda crazy at times!

Laura, trying to pass the time with a game of Solitaire. Perfect game to suit the night.

                                                                               Stacey and I.

  Half an hour after we performed we were picked up by our fathers, taken home and I feel asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

Next morning, in the paper was a review of the musical and at the bottom were the words: "...But the highlight of the night was the ___________ ______ ________ Choir singing I still call Australia home."  (I can't say the name of the Choir for safety reasons.) YES! The highlight of the night! How fantastic is that?!  I have been telling other members of the choir and a lot of them were like, "No way!"  Now I am over the moon!

I only wish I could go back and perform all over again!


  1. Wow! How exciting! I *love* the stage and performing! I recognised some of the photos from when I performed last year! It's weird to think that you were in the same room doing an completely different performance to me in November last year! It's weird :)
    Ella and I almost joined that choir! It would have been fun if we had, but then I joined the Helen Earley Ensemble this year and ella hasn't really done anything about joining a choir!
    The boy from Oz? Wow! Thaty's all around Toowoomba at the moment! Everyone was talking about it, and I didn't even realise you were in it!!
    Congratulatiosn ;)
    (sorry this has turned out to be an extremely long comment!)


  3. Anonymous20.4.11

    Oh ya, I think acting= AWESOME! I love it!!! I'm not doing anything now, but I'm going to be next year! Can't wait!!
    GREAT post!


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