Apr 15, 2011


I am still here, still breathing. 

My "blogging break" ended up going for a month longer then I wanted but in the end, I glad it did. I needed a break.

However, during my holiday I did not relax...at all.  Relaxed from posting certainly but not from my computer.

As soon as you readers clicked the link to this blog from your dashboard, you would have been welcomed  (I hope) to an entire new blog. Yes the name is the same but the design is brand new. I know, you are probably rolling your eyes and saying to yourself  "oh no, she has done it again. She has changed her graphic design."  Yes, I am naughty but seriously folks, when you download all these awesome new papers and elements and you finely understand Paint.net it is pretty tricky not create an entire new design. Come on, please, show of hands here?

I wanted to express myself with this new design. I wanted people to feel comfortable when they read my blog and not be blinded by crazy colours and wacky elements. I wanted to represent the present season-Winter using darker colours while still feeling fresh and new. I hope I have achieved that.

Life over the past month has been up and down. Everything from sleepovers to parties and picnics. Including performing with my choir in 'Boy From Oz.'  Wednesday night was the preview performance tomorrow an audience of 1,500 will be attending. AHHH! I can't wait!

For those who don't know what the 'Boy From Oz' is it is a musical about the famous music composer, dancer and singer, Peter Allen. My choir sings 'I still call Australia home.' A very emotional and beautiful song written by Peter Allen. It is a fantastic production and I love performing!

 Now, my younger brother would never forgive me if I didn't display some photos of his first real outdoor soccor match. His team 'The Legends' (I know, classic name right?) went head to head with another team called 'The Patriots.' The Patriots ended up winning in the end (4-1) but they all oodles of fun.

He came home red in the face and panting like a dog but with a big grin on his face. Good sport.

As the days have slowly been getting colder, we have been drinking cup after cup of hot chocolate with the occasional cookie or two. ;)

Oh yes, I welcome Winter with open arms.

Even though during my break I still spent time on the computer, I also got to have some "sister time" with my gorgeous two year old sister.

Getting a pair of small chubby arms flung lovingly around your neck daily is such a nice feeling. But not so much a cute toddler walking into your room @ seven in the morning telling you to "Get up Bri k?"

She is growing up so fast. Why now, she even wants to do "wee-wees" in the loo. Only thing is, she sits there for a while, says she finished, gets off her potty seat and next minuet, there is a big puddle on the floor! *Sigh* baby sisters.

Not a terribly long post but there will be plenty more. However,  I will be taking breaks more often. I need them. So if there are long intervals between posts you will understand why.

As I bring this post to a close all I can say is it is nice to be back.


  1. It's so nice your back! I love the new design!
    Elly Rose is so cute :)
    see ya
    Love Holly

  2. Anonymous17.4.11

    Your blog is GREAT!! I'm so glad I'm following! :)

    Bri :)


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