Apr 21, 2011

and so i write...

"BANG!" Shut my bedroom door, my room is cold and I can hear squeals of childish laughter coming from the living room. 8:00 at night. I have half an hour all to myself before lights out. I plonk myself down on my desk chair. Lifting the lid off the desk I pull out my note book and a leaky blue pen. I turn to a blank page, write in the date and I begin to write.

Dear Diary-

I stop writing. I chew on the end of my pen and blow a piece of stray hair out of my eyes. "What to write next?" I think.

-I got up early this morning, ate my breakfast, read for a good hour or two, then I thought it was such a beautiful morning I decided to go walking.

I enjoy taking walks around the yard of an early morning it wakes me up and today was especially pretty!

I walked around to Willow Lake. The magpies were beginning to sing. It was lovely. I looked up at the clouds which had formed into large puffs and I found my self calling them "moonshine" again. I know it was childish but they really did look like white puffs of moonshine.

Toward the end of my walk I lifted my eyes up to the sky and smiled. I felt so free out there. But I was being called inside so I had to leave the beauty of the morning. I hope I get another chance to go for a walk again soon!


A tap the pen on my teeth, shut my diary, climb into bed and read. The minutes tick away slowly. I am seeing the words printed on the paper but I am not reading them, my mind is wandering. All of the sudden I have an amazing idea just pop into my head-I need to write it down.

The bed covers fly back, my book is set aside, I rush to my desk pull out my diary and begin writing feverishly.

Ideas For Book:

Story: About young women who is thrown out of her village and runs away to find a new life

Where story is set: The Middle ages.

Star character: Maria Charslouski. (Char-sl-ow-ski)

Story type: Adventure

I sit back and begin thinking. The end of my pen has chew marks on it.

(Middle of story)

-When I was naught but seventeen, my father betrothed me to a rich Duke. His name does not matter, for he was twenty years older then I and no better then a dirty, slobbering pig but he was also rich, and my father commanded me to marry him. I remember standing at the alter, my small hand swallowed up inside the Dukes . The time came for me to say my vowels, I was close to tears, I did not wish to marry this man but the piercing look in his eyes scared me so I quietly whispered "I do."

I did not stop, the words seemed to flow from my pen automatically. I lost track of the time. My father softly knocks on the door. "Lights out Briony." I sigh, lay down my pen, give on quick glance at what I had written and climbed into bed.

As I lie there in the semi-darkness, I remember something one of my parents friends said to me not to long ago. I remember telling them how much I love writing and that whenever I sit down with paper and a pencil the words just come. Then he said to me "Must be a gift." Yeah, a gift. That sounds pretty cool. God gave me a gift to write and write well...and so I write.


  1. You should so write that story! It sounds amazing Briony.
    Great post, very refreshing.

    Love, Laura

  2. Anonymous21.4.11

    Wow! Thats sound like an awesome story! You are a great writter! Is there anything you can't do? LOL ;)

    I so wish I had that talent! *sigh*
    Love that post!
    Bri xoxo

  3. Hi Katie!

    I can *so* relate to this post! There have been countless times where I have ideas for stories pop into my head like you described. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! It's neat that we have writing in common. I loved what you said in this post about your parents telling you that writing is a gift. My parents have told me the same thing-- I love writing and using my gift for God.

    Your blog is beautiful, btw...I can tell that we are alike in many ways. I've really enjoyed reading your posts!


  4. Love it, Briony Katie!

    It definitely is a God-given gift, thanks for sharing it on the internet :)

  5. Lovely post Briony!
    Keep up the FANTASTIC writing!

  6. Keep writing! I'm sure you'll get somewhere ;)

  7. I can totally relate to obsessive writing. I have so many thoughts swirling around my head and if I don't record them I forget. Great Post!

    Happy Easter!

    -- Pearl

  8. Hi There, Katie!

    I found out about your blog from a friend of a friend (Holly, do you know her.) You write extremely well and I love your blog, it's really cool.

    If you would liketo check out MY blog, just click where it says 'Izi,' you know, the link where you can access my blgo above this comment that I leave.

    I will certainly be looking forward to hearing from you, Katie!

    Thanks for the post, Izi : )

  9. Sorry, Katie. I just saw your message above where it says 'comments,' you know, about no advertisint.

    I'm not sure whether you could consider me suggesting my blog as advertising or not. If you choose not to post my comment on you blog because of that reason, then I totally understand!

    Sorry about that one!

  10. Hi Katie

    I am a friend of Holly's and Izi (who commented above) and I thought I'd check out yours. I LOVE writing and I am glad I have found someone who has the same intrest. I think I will follow your blog, so I hope you don't mind ( :


  11. Yes Izi, I know Briony very well!


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