Mar 9, 2011

Welcoming Autumn

Summer has shined her last shine, packed her bags, given me a sweet, summery kiss goodbye, and left in her V.W bug leaving a trail of golden sunshine behind her.

Almost as soon as Summer left, Autumn shows up. Spicy, chilly, Autumn. She came along on a rusted, green bicycle, bringing a plate of hot cinnamon rolls and a large bundle of winter woollies, signifying that she intends to stay awhile. She settles in, steals my room and makes herself comfortable. Since her visit was rather unexpected, I am still getting used to wearing jumpers during the day, and flannelet pajamas at night. But, since Autumn can be a little prickly at times, we have to welcome her, which means, we must obey her rules.


1. Not by any means are you to wear shorts or singlet tops.

2. You can not go to the swimming pool AT ALL unless Summer decides to pop in and say "hello".

3. You must welcome the rain even if it means not playing outside.

4. Colds and Flu are all a part of me and my cousin Winter, so, if you catch one you must not complain.

5. Although I can be a bit grumpy at times, I do have my advantages. For example, if you do get sick it means you can stay home from school. ;)

6. Rule six is to ignore rule five.

7. If by any means you disobey these rules, I will have to stay even longer.

These rules don't just stop there. Autumn is very strict. But, I am not, therefore I shall stop being an idiot and continue.

Since my last post have signed into my dashboard ten times but have not even attempted a post. Why? I am just so, darn, board and I have nothing to post about. (That explains the amusing little seasons-story above) But I am trying my best to cook up something decent that will inspire even the dullest reader.

Like any girl, I like to look my best at all times and I love fashion and Temt is has just about the most stylish, trendiest clothes for a really low price. A week or two ago, my Mum and I went out for some girl-time together. She treated me to a few pieces of clothing from Temt and I love them! Thank you Mum!

Since I detest stealing photos off Google (yes, it is stealing) I have decided to use Polyvore, a fashion-scrap-booking site that dozens of teenage girls are using to express their personal fashion sense. I have checked it out before and found it exceedingly dull, but like I said, I was not about to copy a photo off Google so I have used Polyvore to show you a few of the "bargains" My mother bought for me at a much lower price at Temt.


I Love Jackets

...a cute ASHLEY Zipper Front Womens Jacket. I Love the style of this piece. Really simple yet very trendy. Plus, it is very comfortable to wear. 


Keeping Cosy

...My mother purchased this style jumper for me in lavender.I love the the cut of this jumper. Super cute and cosy. 

 Last but most certainly not the least...

sugar and spice

...a delightful crochet cardigan. Something you can wear during any season of the year.

I am loving fashion.

If you were to ask me what the highlight of my week was I would immediately answer "Spending the day at Wet n' Wild water world!"

Wet n' Wild water world is a theme park for those who do not know. Obviously a wet theme park. (Hence the name Wet n' Wild) I traveled down to the Gold Coast in a bus packed with sixty people from my youth group. To enter the park, all I had to pay was $15 bucks. WOW! Often other times, the fee would have been $60. The $15 included lunch. I had a terrific time!

Moving on to another subject, many of you may have seen my blog design page. Yes, I am doing graphic design. At the moment I am only doing blog buttons and headers. I am still mastering the art of backdrops. If you would like a header ($3) or a blog button (Free) just contact me at I will have a website for my graphic design shortly, so brace yourselves! It is going to be huge, and have very low prices.

If you would like to spread the word about my upcoming graphic design,  please paste the button situated below to your blog. Advertising is the key to a good blog. ;)

As I draw this blog post to a close I would like to point out the jump in my followers over the past couple of weeks. I went from 23-31. It is not a huge as some other blogs I know but it is most certainly climbing fast! Thank you all. 

~Briony Katie~

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  1. Awe... your blog is really cute!
    I love love love those clothes ^ :) Don't you wish we could just buy all of the clothes we want? Why do they have to be so expensive and hard to find? *sigh* oh well.

    Great blog!



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